the cassowary & fruit bat collection

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Ian Cooke's album Fortitude in video form, including:
- Cassowary & Fruit Bat. The animated short film about a flightless bird and a flying mammal falling in love.
- documentary about animating Cassowary & Fruit Bat
- 17 live songs, both solo and with full band
- 6 music videos from the Fortitude album
- documentary about the 303 Choir collaboration for Rover

  • Cassowary & Fruit Bat Video Collection

    A flying mammal's attempts to win the heart of a flightless bird. Songwriter Ian Cooke and animator Adam Singer built elements for the video out of organic materials, then Singer photographed and animated the elements for the 6-minute animated final product.
    The collection includes a documentary about how it was made, music videos, a documentary about a collaboration with a kids choir, live footage and more. Over two hours of video content.

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